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portraits of great composers set
Portraits of the Composers Set 2. details
fun with composers teacher guide
Fun with Composers Grades 3 to 7. Vol. details
portraits of great composers set
Portraits of the Composers Set 1. details
accent on composers volume
Accent on Composers. Vol. details
discover the great composers
Discover the Great Composers: Digital Version. details
splendors of the
A stunning art book with audio CD to enter into the spirit of Mary’s Magnificat guided by master artists and composers. Audio CD contains 11 of the most inspiring musical renditions of the Magnificat from the 13th to the 20th century. (Gregorian chant, Gabrieli, Gibbons, Telemann, Mozart, Gounod, Stanford…). An elegant, easy-to-use volume will accompany you into the world of art, music, and meditation: A selection of more than 50 high quality reproductions of art masterpieces, architecture, and sculpture Penetrating commentaries on each artistic creation take you on a dramatic journey through the history of sacred art Insightful presentati [...]. details
accent on
Accent On Composers. details
fun with composers prek - grade 3
Fun with Composers PreK
- Grade 3. Vol. details
meet the great composers 1
Meet The Great Composers 1 Kit. details
meet the great composers 2
Meet The Great Composers 2 Kit. details
discover the great
Discover the Great Composers. details
great composers mozart
Great Composers: Mozart. details
great composers beethoven
Great Composers: Beethoven. details
great composers bach
Great Composers: Bach. details
getting to know the world39s
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers Complete Set. details
fun with composers teacher39s
Fun with Composers Teacher's Guide PreK
- Grade 3. Vol. details
bbc music magazine
A subscription to BBC Music magazine is a must-have for anyone with a passion for classical music. BBC Music is the world's best-selling classical music magazine covering the latest news, reviews and the most thought provoking features. BBC Music's links with BBC Radio 3's Composer of the Week and Building a Library offer you the best new thinking and CD buying advice. Classical music experts and new enthusiasts will enjoy the fascinating articles and recordings featured each month. A subscription to BBC Music Magazine is your essential guide to the world of classical music. details
fearless ninja child costume-
Become a brave ninja warrior this Halloween. Dress in the Girls White Fearless Ninja Costume. The white hooded tunic features red trim and tassets on the bottom. A dragon image is featured on one tasset; a dragon wrapped around a yin yang is featured on the chest. Black gauntlets arm and leg ties leggings and face mask are also included. A large swath of black fabric is featured around the waist. Does not included Weapons. details
super amazing music activities
The Super Amazing Music Activities Book Ideas and Exercises for Exploring: Notes & Rhythms; Ear Training; Instrument Families; Famous Composers (Book). details
great operas tie by alynn - yellow
Make every ensemble worth a standing ovation with Alynn Neckwear's Great Operas tie. This 100% silk necktie features falling roses over titles of operas and composers repeated on a yellow background. Show your affinity for culture and the finer arts with this theatrical tie. Imported. details
baby einstein take along
This baby-friendly “MP3 player” introduces little ears to tunes from classic composers like Mozart and Vivaldi. The large button makes it easy to toggle through seven familiar melodies, while the colourful lights that dance across the screen are sure to delight and amuse. The beaded caterpillar handle is easy to grasp, so babies can take their tunes along anywhere! Suitable for ages 3 months old and up. details
fanfare magazine
Fanfare is a bimonthly magazine (6 issues a year) that reviews hundreds of classical CDs in each edition. The magazine also includes various articles on the record industry, including profiles of labels and interviews with artists and composers. Most issues have book reviews and recommendations of recordings that should be in everyone's collection. Fanfare also has extensive advertising of new releases from classical labels. details
carhartt jean belt for
Great for everyday, this classic Carhartt Jean Belt for Men features full grain, waxed bridleeather and saddle stitching. A satin nickel finish buckle is featured on the black belt while a stylish brass-finish buckle is featured on the brown belt. details
sounds and visions of caravaggio
This tour is perfect for history, art, and music lovers! One of the best Roman Baroque art museums, the Doria Papmphilj Palace is home to famous works from artists such as Velazquez, Bernini, and Carvaggio. You ll get a guided tour of the museum and some of Caravaggio's most famous works, along with a detailed explanation of the history and hidden symbolism in the paintings. After, you ll sit down in the Palace's Throne Room to enjoy a concert featuring music from 17th-century composers and period instruments. details
audio cd bali meets asia - ocean
Bali Meets Asia
- Ocean of Tranquility compiles traditional Asian melodies with crashing waves and chirping birds. Each track is orchestrated to conjure relaxation and peacefulness. . The CD features 11 tracks: 1. Putri Cening Ayu (traditional Balinese name for women) 2. The Tireless Sea 3. Juru Pencar ( Fisherman ) 4. Where the Sea Touches the Sky 5. Don Dap Dape ( Leaf of the Don Tree ) 6. Call of the Ocean 7. Indian Ocean 8. Ratu Anom (named after a legendary Balinese princess). 9. Bell Birds 10. Fly. Fly. Fly Away 11. Raga Meditation Track #1 is featured in Ni Luh Suryati's artist video. Track #5 is featured in Nyoman Naranata's artist video. Track # [...]. details
gramophone magazine
For over 90 years Gramophone has been the world's leading authority on classical music. Every issue is packed with over 125 reviews of the latest downloads, CDs, DVDs, and books all written by our eminent and knowledgeable panel of independent experts. In addition to reviews, our interviews and features help readers explore on greater depth the recordings that magazine covers, as well as offer insight into the work of composers and performers. We are the magazine for the classical collector, as well as for the enthusiast starting a voyage of discovery. Subscribe to Gramophone magazine and you will receive 13 issues delivered straight to your door o [...]. details
pug checks - mischievous pugs
Wrinkly and mischievous is what our featured Mischievous Pugs Personal Checks are all about. You can just tell by looking in the eyes of the pug dogs featured in the four rotating images on these checks that they are up to "something.mischievous. details
music in bernini39s rome
Baroque art and music enthusiasts will love this experience! You ll begin with a tour of the Church of Sant Agnese, one of Rome's best examples of Baroque architecture. Your tour guide will give you in-depth explanations of the history of the building and the art and symbolism in its architecture. After the tour, you ll sit down to enjoy a concert in the church, featuring music from famous Baroque composers such as Caccini and Frescobaldi. In addition to featuring Baroque music, the concert is performed on period instruments, giving everything a more authentic sound. details
music in bernini39s rome
This is the perfect evening out for a lover of history, art, music and food!You ll receive a guided tour of the famous Church of Sant Agnese, one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Rome. You will learn about the history of the building and the art behind its architecture, before enjoying a concert in the church featuring the works of famous Baroque composers. The concert will be performed using period instruments, giving it a more authentic feel. The evening ends with a delicious dinner at a traditional Roman restaurant. details